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West Coast

Outreach on the west coast


Celebrate Messiah NZ is dedicated to “bringing the message of Messiah to the original messengers” and God has blessed our efforts by bringing thousands of Israelis to our various accommodations.  But we want even more opportunities to reach Jewish travelers with the Gospel!  That’s why we’ve been asking the Father for at least one more outreach centre here in New Zealand. 

For reasons unique to each region, our target areas were Te Anau, West Coast and Nelson (blue arrows, below).  Each of these areas is heavily visited by Israeli travellers but one of these regions – the West Coast – lacks any form of intentional, ongoing Jewish evangelism.

Outreach-centres (1).jpg

In June 2020 a remarkable property surfaced on the West Coast that had great potential.  Its location and the facility itself are perfectly suited for a new vision we have for creating small group experiences for more personal evangelism.  Not only does this facility contain private spaces for intimate conversations, its best feature is the immediate proximity of world class outdoor activities.  These attractions would enable our volunteers to have focused, personal interaction with seekers while engaged in a fun outdoor activity; a great recipe for relational evangelism.  By the grace of God through generous donors in NZ and the US, we purchased the hostel in March 2021.

This purchase will mark the beginning of an aggressive and exciting new evangelistic initiative, namely, the establishment of small group “spiritual intensives” which will provide intentional Bible training in the context of adventure outings.  While we intend to continue ministering to larger groups of Israeli guests in our various facilities, this second-tier program will be geared exclusively for seekers who are ready for an immersion in scriptural truths.  We have a lot of work to do to craft this program, but we can’t imagine a more satisfying assignment!

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