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Important staff Announcement

Greetings dear friends. I've got some wonderful and long overdue news to share with all of you! Allow me to formally announce the promotion of Chris Nel to the position of Ministry Operations Manager. For those who didn’t already know Chris, he and his wife Uta have been the managers of the Wanaka Outreach Centre for over six years and have done a brilliant job of maintaining and growing that ministry to the next level.  

Chris Nel - Our New Ministry Operations Manager

Chris already has a great deal of project and operations management skills and experience.  He is already helping me in the background with several major projects and the timing for this shift seems to be providential as both Chris and Uta feel ready to pass the reigns of the Wanaka Outreach Centre to new managers.  They've loved working at the Wanaka Outreach Centre, and they intend to stay in the Wanaka area to help the next managers settle in and acclimate to the daily operations of the Lodge. 

I'm incredibly happy to have Chris working alongside me in a leadership role! I believe his presence, experience, skills, commitment and friendship are going to improve the ministry overall, for both our staff and our constituents. The hardest part of his job will be having to work with me on a regular basis!  But the joy of partnering with Chris in this capacity is that the ministry will transition from a single leader-led ministry to more of a leadership team.  This approach will enable us to meet needs more efficiently and improve our overall ministry for future generations. 

This will, of course, mean that we are now beginning the search for new managers at the Wanaka Outreach Centre for the 2024/2025 summer season.  In fact, we are looking for two sets of managers.   By Spring 2024, we will have a second manager residence at Wanaka Outreach Centre to allow for two sets of managers to work together.  This will provide opportunities for much needed time off and the two sets of managers can continue to improve the property and the outreach ministry.  

If you or someone you know would like to enquire about this manager position, please contact us through our administrator Ailene: or call 027 273 4446.

Michael Thomas

Director of CMNZ

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