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Our outreach season is from November - March. We're looking for volunteers who can commit to at least 2 months. Either 15 November 2024 - 15 January 2025, OR 15 January 2025 - 15 March 2025.

What is accommodation ministry like?

International backpackers flood into New Zealand each year. Among them are thousands of Israelis who are travelling the world. We offer free accommodation at a number of sites located throughout the South Island.

These ministry centres exist primarily as a means for showing the love of Messiah to these travellers. While we are waiting for our borders to reopen to Israeli visitors, we are using our facilities to serve Kiwis venturing to Central Otago and the West Coast.

Showing our guests the love of Jesus is a team effort. As we work together in love and unity, our volunteers have the potential to make a significant impact on our guests and on one another. Ministering alongside like-minded people in a close-knit team environment is both challenging and gratifying; it will change you. You will learn new skills and delight in discovering how God can use you.

What do volunteers do?


Staff members manage each facility, but we rely on qualified volunteers to assist us in the work of sharing the message of Messiah, cleaning & maintenance, and caring for our guests.

Each day our staff and volunteers gather to worship, pray and share thoughts from God’s word. We also reflect on our ministry activities and intercede for each other and for our guests.

After our morning devotions, we enter into our cleaning duties (2-4 hours/day). On most days our volunteers will then be free to hang out with our guests.


Volunteers will be serving and staying at one of our accommodation facilities.

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What is expected of me?


A volunteer is someone who shares the vision, values, beliefs and convictions of Celebrate Messiah NZ. True volunteers are motivated not by the prospect of an inexpensive holiday or remuneration, but by their sincere desire to serve God.

How much will it cost?

ACCOMMODATION - We provide free accommodation at ministry locations. You’ll stay in gender-specific bunk rooms (other options for married couples as space allows).

FOOD - The average food bill for volunteers is about $125NZD per week. We do have shared meals twice a week. Volunteers must raise financial support to cover this cost.

TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION TO OUR FACILITIES - Volunteers must raise financial support to cover this cost.

EXTRACURRICULAR - Volunteers must raise financial support to cover the cost of local activities and sightseeing.

Ask Yourself:

Am I at least 18 years old?


We can't wait to hear from you!

What our volunteers have to say

Hear what some of our past and present volunteers say about the ministry.

(You will need a password to watch these videos)

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