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Michael - Director, CMNZ & PFI-NZ

Teresa - Worship & PFI-NZ Admin.

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Michael & Teresa Thomas have been involved in Messianic ministry for nearly two decades. Michael was brought up in an irreligious home; Teresa was brought up Catholic. Both became born-again during their high school years and deepened their commitment to Yeshua by their early twenties.

They immigrated to New Zealand from Washington, D.C. in November 2017, when Teresa joined the CMNZ team as Worship & Prayer Coordinator.  Michael has been an Information Technology professional for 25+ years and began supporting CMNZ’s technology needs in 2018.  Michael and Teresa became the directors of Prayer for Israel NZ in 2019, and soon after, their online National Prayer Calls began during COVID lockdowns. You can read more about Prayer for Israel NZ and subscribe to their bi-weekly prayer newsletter on the PFI-NZ website.  

In early 2023, Michael assumed role as Director of Celebrate Messiah NZ, when CMNZ’s former director, Scott Brown, returned to the United States to continue work with Chosen People Global Ministries, the sister-organisation of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand. 

In addition to her work with CMNZ & Prayer for Israel NZ, Teresa also composes and sets to music Messianic songs, scripture and hymns,, and leads others in song for Celebrate Messiah NZ meetings and events. Her music can be found on YoutubeSpotify, or her music blog:

Michael and Teresa are honoured to be a part of the Celebrate Messiah NZ team and lead Prayer for Israel NZ. They seek to bless Israel through their work, by hosting Israelis in their home, and by supporting those who also bless Israel.



Gordon & Jeanette Ansell

Michael & Teresa are a lovely couple who want to spread the message of Salvation to those who are in the Church and outside the Church and testify of God’s faithfulness to His Jewish people. We found Michael and Teresa compliment each other in their Ministry.

Teresa’s music and singing are touched by the Holy Spirit and made the worship special.

Michael is very good at teaching the Word of God.

The both of them are very easy to talk to and are only too willing to answer any questions we had.

We would recommend that any Church or home group wanting to learn more about God, the Bible and God’s plans for Israel to invite Michael and Teresa to visit them.  

We thank the Lord for them and for sending them to us here in Palmerston North. 

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